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AMFAS International is the most trusted supplier of engineered components for many products that you use on a daily basis. We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions for leading companies in many industries including LED lighting, aerospace, medical and other tolerance critical fields. Our team will help you take your product all the way from concept to production.

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CNC Machining

AMFAS utilizes the best equipment for your job with the ability to cover all project sizes. Our multi axis capabilities allow us to provide many complex parts.
CNC Machining
cast aluminum electrical junction housing

Metal Casting

Our Metal Casting capabilities cover: Diecasting, Sandcasting and Investment Casting. Based on your project, AMFAS will advise the best casting option for you!
Metal Castings
custom sheet metal fabrication IV


Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities help you go from concept to finished product. Our stampings are used in many industries including lighting and medical.
Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum Extrusion

Whether you need profiles to help you build structural bracing or fins for a heatsink, we can provide the extruded aluminum parts that you need to get the job done.
Aluminum Extrusion
MIM Part

Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding allows us to provide parts with complex geometries with a durability that will last for years to come. Our engineers can take your concept and help you formulate the best design for your application.
Metal Injection Molding
forged wrench


When you parts need to withstand the impacts of heavy use, we can provide the forgings that will live up to your toughest tests.
powdered metal gear

Powdered Metal

If you are looking for cost effective but precise, we can provide the powdered metal parts that you need. With tight tolerances and better control on variables, powdered metal may be the solution that you didn't know you needed.
Powdered Metal
Plastic injection molded manifold

Plastic Injection Molding

AMFAS utilizes the best equipment for your job with the ability to cover all project sizes. With the finest resins to ensure a consistent product and molds manufactured with exceptional tolerances, your parts are in good hands.
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic rotational molded bottle

Rotational Molding

We can provide the hollow bodied plastic parts you need. The roto molding machines that we has selected allow us the maximum capabilities.
Rotational Molding
Molded air duct

Blow Molding

Your complex hollow bodied plastic parts will be consistent and on time. We can customize the materials used and inform you if there are any issues with your design.
Blow Molding
Thermoformed part


Thermoformed or vacuumed parts allow you to create thin, flat parts that are durable and light. You can use our thermoforming capabilities to complete your custom parts.
Plastic Extrusion Molding

Extrusion Molding

If you have a complex profile that you need produced, we can provide what you need. We can help you refine your geometries and pick the best material for the project.
Extrusion Molding
3d printed part

3D Printing

The sky is the limit with 3D printed parts. You can create very complex parts by designing in layers. Our printed parts bring you the complexity, durability, and customization that you require for your application.
3D Printing
Air cleaner rubber bulb

Rubber Injection Molding

With a similar process to plastic and metal injection molding, rubber molded parts allow us to create a mold to your specifications and create your custom rubber parts.
Rubber Injection Molding

the team

you can trust

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, our team specializes in providing custom metal and plastic components for all applications.

Customer Service

Our US based customer service team can be on site to guide you to the manufacturing solution that will help you achieve your goals.

Quality Assurance

We are ISO 9001 certified and adhere to stringent standards when designing, manufacturing, and shipping your products.


We are in business to solve your problems. We have the ability to custom tailor you solution to fit your needs. We can create prototypes, produce large contracts, and even manage your inventory.

What our customers Say

"AMFAS International has provided crucial support to WAVE by offering competitive quotes from both domestic and overseas sources. Their streamlined processes have significantly improved lead times, ensuring timely delivery of parts...AMFAS delivers tailored design and manufacturing solutions perfectly suited to WAVE's needs...Their commitment to excellent customer service ensures responsive support throughout every project. Overall, WAVE can rely on AMFAS International for efficient, high-quality parts and engineering support."
Taimur Akhter
Project Manager - WAVE
“Amfas has been instrumental in bolstering our new product development efforts, playing a pivotal role in iterating, and formulating bespoke material solutions. In addition to their invaluable support in development, Amfas' manufacturing team consistently delivers top-notch quality products.”
Candice Sellow
Sr. Buyer/Planner - Vision Research
"We really appreciated the efficiency of communication that resolved design questions well and quickly. Connecting live with competent engineers is catnip to a hardware startup that needs to move fast. The flexibility and creativity we found in the Amfas team was a pleasure and we're already collaborating on another interesting molding challenge.
Chris S.
VP Supply Chain - Beauty Industry Startup










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We manufacture your components in thoroughly vetted manufacturing facilities all across the globe. We take your total project and budget into consideration when we decide where to source your component from our network. We will make sure that you will meet your budget and your deadline without sacrificing any quality. 

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