Casting Design Development

Casting Design Development: From CNC Prototype to Production Sandcasting

Machined prototype of sandcasting
CNC Machined Prototype of Sandcast Design


One customer came to Amfas with a design that required the part to go through a series of processes: casting, trimming, polishing and deburring, CNC machining, and clear chromate coating application. 

How AMFAS Helped

The customer initially needed a CNC form-fit-and-function prototype with a tight timeline for turnaround. Amfas was able to produce the samples, and the customer had them in hand in less than three weeks. From there, the customer was able to provide a design for the production part to be manufactured in aluminum sandcasting. Amfas provided critical feedback creating a DFM for the casting and subsequent CNC machining processes for the customer, leading to minor adjustments to assure a good quality and cost effective design. Tooling was designed and created, and sample casts were produced. The casted parts had an area of sagging on the first run, and Amfas modified the tool to reinforce the affected area. The second run of the samples identified further design limitations that lead to incomplete filling and undercuts, and Amfas engineers worked with the customer’s engineers to amend the design a second time.

Results and Future Plans

Although the redesign and tool modifications resulted in a minor delay in the samples’ production, the customer was appreciative that Amfas identified and resolved the issue to ensure the received samples were of satisfactory quality.