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Complex world class tooling


The Rogers Manufacturing Company sought AMFAS’ help developing a non-traditional plastics mold that could be manufactured and maintained inexpensively. Rogers needed the mold AMFAS would produce to yield low cost-per-unit finished pieces, to remain viable in its highly competitive market.

How AMFAS Helped

To accomplish Rogers’ goals, AMFAS engineers proposed a specialized, high-cavitation mold with 24 cavities in a radial layout instead of the traditional branch-type mold design. AMFAS ran a complex mold flow analysis to confirm the balance of the mold cavity pressure. This analysis insures that each cavity will fill properly; as well as confirm the fast cycle times expected. The AMFAS team was able to construct the tool out of standard DME components, despite using only a single hot sprue bushing to fill all 24 cavities.

Results and Future Plans

After completing the tool build, AMFAS provided a First Article Inspection (FAI) report for each of the mold cavities: there were no deviations. Finally, we carefully crated the tool and vacuum-sealed it in preparation for international shipping. To make installation of the new equipment as convenient as possible, Rogers’ custom mold was delivered directly to their shop floor in Rockport, CT. The new mold’s fast cycle times meant Rogers could dramatically increase product output, and the simplified sprue injection system profoundly decreased the resin material waste. AMFAS’ decision to assemble the mold from standard, easily sourced, components made future upkeep straightforward as well as cost-efficient. All of these benefits combined to create lower costs than those actually stipulated by the customer, giving Rogers a decidedly competitive edge.