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Flight Critical Products
AS9100 Registered, NADCAP Certified, BAC Approved​


Kamatics, a division of Kaman responsible for fabricating specialty bearings and rod ends, realized developing a significant footprint in Asia was the only way to keep up with high-volume production requirements, and competitive cost pressure. However, Kamatics faced a difficult barrier to entry, because it had little prior exposure to Asian manufacturing sources. Kamatics had a host of crucial operating procedures to consider: AS9000 certification, Boeing and Nadcap-approved processing, materials import and certifications.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the learning curve, Kamatics turned to AMFAS.

How AMFAS Helped

The engineers at AMFAS took the sting out of international hurdles by partnering with Kamatics to review their product requirements and specs. AMFAS then developed efficient SOPs for identifying potential manufacturing sources in Taiwan.

Together, AMFAS and Kamatics defined the acceptance criteria and inspection methods necessary for a uniform product evaluation; as well as implementing standardized dimensional reporting methods to avoid false rejections. AMFAS also assisted Kamatics with aerospace industry compliance by facilitating the purchase of US-melted steels, as well as special fixturing and gauging.

Results and Future Plans

After successfully establishing product qualification, AMFAS created a detailed plan to help Kamatics utilize its new Asian sources and ramp up production in a smart, sustainable way. Since process startup, we have doubled production capacity, and product deliveries remain on schedule with no major incidents.

Confident in the benefits of our strategic partnership, Kamatics requested AMFAS install additional equipment to continue exploring all of the production opportunities Asia has to offer.