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For nearly a decade, throughout the expansion and evolution of its industries, Stanadyne has recognized AMFAS as a partner in innovation. When the company realized adapting to changing automotive technology requirements meant completely reorganizing its product lines, Stanadyne trusted AMFAS to help it free up internal facilities space by functioning as an extension of its own operations.

Consequently, AMFAS began overseeing production of Stanadyne’s CNC, and powdered metal products. However, Stanadyne’s goal was to have all products in the line developed, sampled, qualified and production-ready in just 12 months.

How AMFAS Helped

Using Stanadyne’s priorities as a guiding principle, AMFAS designed a plan that incorporated five different manufacturing processes into Stanadyne’s manufacturing network; each manufacturing location catering to a specific process requirement or technique. AMFAS managed the details of the transfer developing 60+ CNC and powdered metal parts; as well as all corresponding Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation. AMFAS accomplished this massive project well within the required 12-month timeframe with the parallel workflows that were produced.

Results and Future Plans

AMFAS helped Stanadyne become more agile and better equipped to adapt to change by providing strong manufacturing support and detailed verification documentation. AMFAS saved Stanadyne 20% of the cost of producing the CNC, and powdered metals product line internally. Stanadyne reclaimed valuable work space in its various locations and could therefore be devoted to its mission: pushing fuel technology into the future.