Speed to market

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Using AMFAS’ Engineering and Project Management GE Revenue from NPI is Realized Faster

Speed to Market


Advanced Manufacturing Engineers (AME) from GE’s Energy & Appliance team approached AMFAS for help with improving the outcomes of several Asia-based projects; each plagued by implementation hiccups or stalled progress. These delays cost the company time and money, forcing engineers to turn their focus away from achieving big picture goals, and untangling one tedious complication after another.

AMFAS stepped in to augment their manufacturing engineering resources, improve tooling program workflows, help GE save money on capital expenditures, and reduce mold development lead times.

How AMFAS Helped

The first step was taking over management of the problem projects, which we accomplished with transparency and efficiency. AMFAS engineers personally met with all individual stakeholders at GE plants to gain a full understanding of how they measured quality, and what priorities mattered most to them. Weekly progress reports to keep AMEs in the loop and up to date were then established. AMFAS is ISO 9001:2015 registered, allowing us to deftly understand each project’s unique objectives and requirements. Amfas also has a multilingual engineering team on hand–fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish–meaning we could quickly overcome any problems stemming from language barriers.

The primary goal of GE’s commodity management was decreasing prices over time. After establishing a reliable, highly efficient project management structure, maintaining or even improving product quality, we turned our attention to providing GE the lowest supplier prices in the Asian manufacturing sector. AMFAS has longstanding relationships with a large pool of vetted, qualified toolmakers, giving us the ability to offer GE three or more highly competitive bids per project.

Advocating for our customer’s interests like our own, we initiated competition between suppliers within our network, increasing savings for GE’s commodity management team. With AMFAS directly managing projects, and assuming the responsibility of engaging vendors whenever quality or pricing issues arose, the amount of time GE engineers spent on those projects was greatly reduced. If a particularly difficult situation warranted a change of manufacturing location or equipment, AMFAS team members were on site to handle the transition process; ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience for GE.

Results and Future Plans

Engineers at General Electric were able to focus on managing internal operations, and research and product development by allowing AMFAS to navigate the complex channels of the Asian manufacturing sector rather than being mired in a cycle of vendor wrangling themselves. Leaning on AMFAS, avoided supply chain interruptions which led to faster project implementation and completion. In the end the General Electric Energy & Appliance team saw large savings, and a faster completion of their projects.

AMFAS continues to help GE decrease prices over time by systematically overseeing quality control and consistency of many Asia-based projects; and regularly engages in competitive bidding to seek out lower prices.