Logistics Services

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Leave the logistics up to us!

Unique to AMFAS is our ability to provide complete logistics for the products we supply; this includes transportation, proper customs and duty documentation, and tracking to insure the shipments arrive as required. Every company operates to keep costs to a minimum, however, many companies are not staffed to handle the intricacies of importing/exporting product from global suppliers. The task is complex and often overwhelms even the best freight, shipping, customs/duties professionals. Years of experience allow AMFAS to handle this aspect of the supply chain. With direct employees at both the source and the receiving locations, AMFAS can deliver the products to your door.

Global shipping has a very complex web of options. Shipping by land, air, sea, or a combination of these methods involves exacting detail to insure on-time delivery. In most cases, AMFAS provides the freight and includes the cost in the price of the product so that our customers are not burdened with the task. However, in some cases, our customers may have freight forwarders that they prefer to use and AMFAS can accommodate as needed.

With the combined volumes of many customers, the cost of global shipping is reduced. AMFAS is able to consolidate shipments to be more economical by using full containers to transport products. We insure that the products are packaged properly and that we maximize the use of each container. This is always a more cost effective option than shipping individual smaller packages.

AMFAS also operates a number of Warehouses to provide rapid delivery of your product. As soon as a product becomes established, we can offer to stock, buffer or even consign products to insure that our customers have the product they need to support their production needs.