Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is when a company enters into an arrangement or formal agreement with a manufacturing firm for parts, products, or components. Contract manufacturing is also known as private label manufacturing. 

As Amfas expanded and developed capabilities for its customers, we were asked to provide additional value-added services in order for our customers to better utilize production space, reduce their costs, and simplify their inventory logistics. We can provide the sub-assemblies using the components that we currently supply, or we could take on additional operations to add value.

Contract Manufacturing

Meeting Your Needs

Contract manufacturing has its risks and benefits, but like anything else should be evaluated carefully for your business. We have found that customers small and large can vastly reap the benefits associated with outsourcing their manufacturing. See below for more details: 


  • Electronics
  • Cable assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Box Build


  • Cost Savings – capital and expenses
  • Advanced skills and technical insight 
  • Better quality 
  • Focus
  • Economies of Scale
  • Ability to scale rapidly 


  • Lack of Control 
  • Relationships
  • Quality concerns
  • Intellectual property 
  • Loss of responsiveness 
  • Pricing

Amfas provides a unique value proposition as a contract manufacturer in that we also mitigate the risks associated with a traditional CM. Amfas is your domestic partner, providing you local and timely support. We have engineers located around the globe to ensure that all our manufacturing resources are kept well within control. We also use a very robust system of controls and processes to ensure your intellectual property is always kept safe and sound. Pricing is absolute clarity and certainty for you.