Electronic Components

printed circuit board manufacturing


Printed Circuit Boards have become critical components in today’s world of electronics. The value of the components, and the high-level devices that use them, greatly exceeds the cost of the printed circuit board in most applications. Defect-free boards are critical as the components cannot easily be used on another board if board defects are found. All boards supplied by Amfas undergo rigorous testing of the circuit traces. Insulation resistance and circuit bridging are tested electronically and re-checked visually. Additional testing is added based on the customer’s specific needs.

While printed circuit boards made using FR4 or G10 are common today, Amfas can also supply metal core boards for LED lighting applications, and other heat dissipating demands. Aluminum has good heat transferring and dissipation abilities, while copper has even better performance but is more expensive. We are familiar with the specific needs of these markets; and have successfully supported some of the fastest growing customers with short lead times and rapidly increasing volumes.

Custom wiring harness assembly

Wire Harnesses

We can provide custom cable assemblies for a variety of specifications and tolerances. We can provide a wide variety of connectors, styles of termination, and types of cable. 

  • Complex cable assemblies
  • Custom harness assemblies
  • Multi-conductor cable assemblies¬†
  • Chassis wiring and assembly
  • RF broadband cables
  • Semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables
  • Coaxial Cables