Metal injection molding

Metal injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding

At Amfas International, we offer metal injection molding services working with copper, titanium alloy, ceramic, carbon and stainless-steel materials. Our parts are suitable for door lock cores, pins, bolt plates, electronics, mobile phones, firearms, medical, defense, food and beverage applications.
Metal injection molding(MIM) process is an advanced metal forming
technology that uses molding equipment for manufacturing both precision
and complex metal parts. It combines the advantages of powdered
metallurgy and the flexibility of molding.
Some advantages include:
  • Suitable for mass-manufacturing products with complicated shapes
  • Various metal materials such as Stainless Steel , Carbon, Copper, and Titanium alloys and ceramic materials
  • A relative density of >98% can be achieved
  • MIM parts are close to finish parts, minimizing required post processing
  • Comparing with Powdered Metallurgy, MIM technology can produce more complex shapes and provides better performance


We are capable of molding parts with up to 400 gm weight and ± 0.05 mm tolerance. We also provide additional services including CNC machining, shot blasting, deburring, polishing, buffing, surface finishing, powder coating, anodizing, impregnating, heat treating and carbonizing. Our clients come from a diverse set of industries including automotive, aerospace, LED lighting, telecommunication, electronics, and medical. We meet ISO 9001:2015, TS16949, and AS9100D standards.


>Investment casting


Minimum aperture diameter



Maximum depth of aperture 2mm



Minimum wall thickness



Maximum wall thickness



General tolerance



Surface finish(Ra)



Amfas helps you consolidate resources, saving time and money. We will bring your component to fruition assuring the highest quality, and on-time delivery.