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Product development and engineering

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The future of your company is dependent upon it staying relevant; technology drives profits. In this day and age, that means that new, innovative products must keep pace with the marketplace. Product development lifecycle times are becoming shorter and shorter to keep up with customer’s expectations and needs. While perhaps daunting, a short lifecycle can optimize your company’s strengths by tightening processes and cutting out extra steps. AMFAS uses a robust concept to aid in the product development process. In a multilingual, multicultural manufacturing environment, nothing can be taken for granted. Standardized documentation of checks and approvals insures that expectations are communicated properly and specifications are met the first time around. We work hand in hand with customers and suppliers to bridge the gaps that they might not have even known existed. GE, Teledyne, Eaton, Hubbell and ABB, are just a few companies who use AMFAS to help industrialize their new product introductions.