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Total Quality in everything that we do!

AMFAS takes a total quality management approach. Not only do we focus on consistently meeting customer requirements, but also on continuous improvement and risk mitigation. We practice the Peter Drucker adage, “What gets measured gets improved.” The quality measurements for flight critical aircraft components are different than automotive engine parts, but they are not less demanding. We have years of experience and success supplying these industries, as well as other, uniquely demanding applications. Customer perception is the ultimate determination of product quality, thus we train our employees and suppliers to systematically seek out the voice of the customer and procedurally integrate this feedback into the design, manufacturing and inspection processes. By empowering employees and suppliers to contribute to overall quality, we have a history of success, with key customers rating AMFAS their #1 supplier. For the last three years, our ISO 9001 audits, conducted by Perry Johnson Registrars, have resulted in ZERO findings.

Every worker is trained to focus on process thinking, in other words – what their part contributes to the final output to be delivered to the customers. With the knowledge that a customer receiving the output from a process can be either internal or external, we are able to develop integrated systems of smaller processes adding up to larger processes. Each person plays a crucial role in the performance of each operation, no matter how small or large. Each of these processes is continuously monitored and corrections are made as needed to keep performance within expectations. Root Cause Analysis is taken very seriously; 8D Corrective Action Reports are used extensively throughout the fabrication and supply progressions.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certification