rapid manufacturing


At AMFAS we understand the benefits that rapid prototyping capabilities can provide for a business. The most promising benefit of rapid prototyping is the ability to develop customized products as per the individual requirement. AMFAS is capable of several different methods of producing prototypes. AMFAS can produce prototypes, or small quantity orders, utilizing more traditional methods include CNC machining and sheet metal stamping with single-stage dies, as well as newer 3D prototyping methods.

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has been a popular method of creating prototypes since the 1980s and is quickly becoming the fastest, most affordable way to create custom consumer goods, as well.

AMFAS offers prototyping capabilities using CNC machines including screw machines and vertical machining centers.

AMFAS can lower design and time lower turnaround time on low volume parts. This includes plastic injection molded parts, rubber parts, as well as overmolded parts in the desired material and color.

AMFAS can provide low cost metal casting molds for low quantity end-use parts, or when functional prototypes are needed.