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Choosing strategic supply partners is a complex and long-term focused task. Defining, operationalizing, and incorporating risk measures into the selection process increases the complexity of this decision. At AMFAS we recognize the importance of incorporating quantifiable quality planning into strategic supplier selection decisions; our sourcing process focuses on selecting precisely the right suppliers with whom to do business – with continuous hands on interaction from initial audits to inspection and delivery of production goods. We are manufacturing engineers who understand what resources are required to supply defect free parts at the optimal cost.

AMFAS customers experience a variety rewards associated with our thoroughly vetted and managed supply base which include cost savings, faster innovations, and strategic skills. We develop contingency plans to mitigate the risks that exist in conjunction with increased dependency on outside vendors and related effects of supply disruptions, price increases, and theft of intellectual property. AMFAS is focused on identifying and incorporating a variety of quantitative and qualitative supplier attributes from both short-term and long-term perspectives into the evaluation and continuous management process. Levels of aviation Safety and automotive Production Part Approval Process planning are used for almost every part sourced by AMFAS.

Our on the ground resources save you the time and expense of travelling to find manufacturing partners that may or may not live up to your expectations. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to save time, money and headaches.